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Media crisis management – press releases, press statements, coaching for specific press contacts & communication strategy

Media coaching (incl. media training)

Establishment and management  OF a media crisis task force

Prevention via constant media relations


Optimisation of the company‘s profile, i.e. website, sales kit, press relations, SEO, etc.

Re-engineering of marketing and sales staff structures

Strategic consulting regarding the marketing mix

Establishment of a sales force



Urgently needed cuts of operational costs (overhead costs, personnel costs etc.)

Constructive cooperation with the workers’ council

Steering the business transformation



Marketing push





Media crisis





Economic crisis





TomKirkman Management will support you in special situations. For a specified period of time.

Whether as a consultant in the background or a registered managing director (CEO/COO/CRO) – you decide.

Typical fields of application could be:

Welcome to Tom Kirkman





Alignment of the business model with turnover and profit

Establishment of professional organisational structures

Establishment of a report system

Sparring partner for the founders


Start-up support




After graduating from school, Christopher served in the German Federal Armed Forces where he was a paratrooper and press officer and rose to the rank of captain. He studied politics and economics at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich and later received an MBA in media management through a part-time executive programme. In 2004, he left the army for a career in business, working as managing director in various industries, e.g. for the shareholders at DaimlerChrysler, the fischerAppelt agency group, or the pan-European asset manager Aurelius Group. His responsibilities always focused on change management in crisis situations and the realignment of sales and marketing management.


Since 2009, he has been a freelance interim manager and business consultant.


Christopher is married, has two sons and lives in Munich.


Please feel free to get in touch for a detailed CV.


Christopher Nolde was a c-level manager for the following companies, among others:

... and more

DaimlerChrysler tv. media

fischerAppelt tv.media

rhinos energy drink and food


Schleicher Elektronic GmbH & Co.KG

Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH (MS Deutschland)


Bolero Holding GmbH


German Federal Armed Forces

Aurelius Group

If you are interested in hearing how TomKirkman Management could support your business, please send a short email to info@tomkirkman.de and propose a date for a telephone call. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


We would be happy to discuss what needs to be done to bring your company back on track in a free no obligation initial meeting.


TomKirkman Management

Mail: info@tomkirkman.de


M +49 172 77 88 661

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